Showresults SDS Hohen Sülzen II (1. SSCD)

- without guarantee

02.06.2024 ~ judge: Petra Bartz, D ~ entry 27, present 25   
Thanks to Kerstin Wolff for including the results. 
Details to the individual dogs can be found in our database "Sheltie Pedigrees (verif.)".

VKR(1): V1, CACs-V, CVSg'24 Ch. Hakon von der kleinen Nordhelle
JÜKR(2): Vsp1 Hanuk Charity of Life
  Vsp2 Hopeful Paw's Beloved Bambam
JKR(2): V1, CACs-J, CJSg'24 Sanyo vom Haubergsland
  V2, RCACs-J Zephyr Sparks of the Tempest
ZwKR(1): V1, CACs, CSg'24, BOS Trust in me You Make Me Smile
ChKR(1): V1, CACs Ch. Johnny von der kleinen Nordhelle
OKR(5): V1, CACs Undiscovered Glamour Silent Wish
  V2, RCACs Hollys Dreampaws Harry Herzblatt
  V3 Gary vom Ailenberg
  V4 Achor's Surprise Update
VKH(1): V1, CACs-V, CVSg'24, BV Enya vom Ailenberg
JüKH(1): Vv1 Hopeful Paw's Bubbly Hailey
JKH(2): V1, CACs-J, CJSg'24, BJ Tilly vom Haubergsland
  V2, RCACs-J April of BliesValley
ZwKH(5) V1, RACs Hollys Dreampaws Kashmir Keela
  V2, RCACs Trust in me You Light Me Up
  V3 Je t'aime of powerful mind
  Sg4 Una Bella vom Klostertal
ChKH(2): V1, CACs, CSg'24, BOB Ch. Usha van't Lozenbos
  V2, RCACs Ch. Kaya vom Haubergsland
OKH(4): V1, CACs Under The Moon Of Love Silent Wish
  V2, RCACs Legendary Lover Brilliant Hope
  Sg3 Hopeful Paw's Aarany
  Sg4 Paola aus dem 5-Seen-Land
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